Jan 5, 2016

Honeymoon Trip to Thailand

Happy New Year!

One of my resolution this year is to write more often. So this time I want to share my trip to Thailand with my husband.

We had a chance to visit Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya) last December, so let's call it a honeymoon trip. It was only 4 days visit, but we had chance to see a lot of place and we had so much fun.

We had our own tour guide and driver. Trust me, you may think we are over reacting, but yeah, mostly people in Thailand don't speak English. And many people says their taxi driver, will turn off the taxi meter, once the driver knows we are tourist, and will charge as expensive as possible. Nah nah.

Luckily our a tour guide that can speak Bahasa Indonesia. Later she told us, that she especially took Indonesian language course. Travel and tourism industry really is growing, right. And we are impressed by our driver's courtesy, even though he can't speak Bahasa Indonesia, he always smile, and say: "hello Bapak Ibu, see you tomorrow Bapak Ibu".

Oh and I want to give a little review about our flight with Air Asia. We took our flight from Surabaya to Jakarta and transit for 2 hours and depart to Bangkok in Don Mueang Airport. Later I know, that Air Asia do have direct flight form Surabaya to Bangkok, my bad, I didn't check the date carefully. But our flight back is directly from Don Mueang Airport to Surabaya, not bad right. The comfortness of the seat is okay.. But too bad, Air Asia don't have inflight entertainment. I and Calvin got really boring, until we decided to play BINGO, hahaha. 

The best part was the food! We chose premium flex for the ticket, so we can have 20kg baggage and free meal. Yay us! So I picked nasi rendang. Calvin said I can have whatever I want, hehehe. Nasi rendang ftw! It was served warm and tasted like real food, like really good. It had proportional size of the meat and rendang spices was so tasty. I really want to take Air Asia again just to taste their Nasi Rendang hahaha.

So back to our honeymoon trip. First day arrived at Bangkok was at night, and we stay at the heart of the city, so we decided to talk a walk around the hotel, to have some street food for dinner. Bangkok street at night was like Singapore (like orchard road? except the cleanliness of course) so packed with people, youngster especially. They have so many yummy and cheap food stall all over the street. Fishball satay (in giant size) is only 10 baht (which is idr 4k) and full set menu contains rice, minced pork, and egg is only 30 baht (idr 12k), we were in food heaven!

I am really bad at writing travel diary, experiences are showed better in pictures, right?

Day 1

It was rain, and we gotta buy an umbrella at Watson. Owls. And in turquoise color. Perfect.  

The coconut water tasted delicioso!

Day 2

Too bad Wat Arun temple was under renovation that day.

Pattaya Floating Market

In the Art of Paradise, Pattaya

Alcazar show. I really enjoyed their performance! (the lady boys were really skinny and have big boobs! O.O

Day 3

We went to NongNooch Garden at Pattaya. We skipped the cultural show and the elephant show, because there was so packed (it was a public holiday which was King's birthday that day), and went straight to the gardens. We walked in awe.

My pose says it all: I am the very happy kid, in a very huge beautiful garden!

Last day we just went to a mall, took some brunch at the best hainan chicken where all the waiters wears pink apron (haha) and head to the airport. 

It was a such a fun and relaxing trip, we commit to save up for another trip in 2016! Work hard and play hard! 

Till next time.

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