Jan 11, 2016

My Lip Treatment

My current lip treatment for my dry and chapped lip:

Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

Just recently know Nuxe - Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm from Alodita's blog. I quickly typed the name on Google, turned out this lip balm is very famous. Where have you been, Yun? Hahaha. I made my purchase from Luxola. Quite pricey for a lip balm, it's IDR 210,000 but I really want to know how helpful this product for my dry, chapped, and sensitive lips.

Been using this product for last couple weeks, in the morning and before bed, and I could say, it significantly works! Now I have less dry and chapped lips. I could feel my lips are smoother also. (Should provide you with the pictures, but I have no 'before' photo. Too ugly, seriously!)

The texture of the product is very comfortable on my lips, no fragrance, no sticky or waxy feeling. Simply moisturizing. And amazingly I can still feel the moisture effect in the morning.

The packaging is a glass jar, feels so luxurious, hence the price right? 

One thing matter is only the expiry date. It says on the bottle Period After Opening (PAO) is 6 months. Won't used it all up in 6 months I guess.  

Other than that, it's a winner!

Update a month after using it, I dont know it makes my chapped lips worse. Seriously, I mean it losts its magic after a while. Oh dang!

EOS Lip Balm - Summer Fruit

First thing first: EOS Lip Balm packaging is super adorable! It looks like a ball with many colors. I chose Summer Fruit simply because the color is red. Hahaha. It has strong fragrance, like fruits.  Not really like the smell, but still bearable. And to my surprise this lip balm tastes sweet, I accidentally lick it when I wear it. Hopefully it's not a bad thing. 

This lip balm is moisturizing enough, it could last 2 to 3 hours, without eating too much. It keeps my chapped lips in place, so my hands won't pick them (if you know what I mean haha)

I keep my EOS lip balm in my pouch, because it's more travel-friendly compared to Nuxe's.

Price wise is quite affordable, IDR 75,000. So it's a good deal. 

Fresh - Sugar Lip Polish

This Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is actually a lip scrub. I bought this lip scrub in Sephora when I traveled to Bangkok last month. I had dry and chapped lips at that time, because I drink less water when traveling. So I picked Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. It costs around IDR 300,000 something. 

The texture is just like brown sugar and it tastes sweet surely. Quite effective to remove dead skin on my lips, but not really condition it. I still wake up in the morning with chapped lips, but not so bad when not applying it at all. It smooths my lips, but not really. I really don't know for sure. Gonna give it a try like a month, to measure if it's really effective on me or not. 

I use it every two/three day, before bed time, and after that, I will apply my Nuxe lip balm.

PS: I should have buy Fresh Lip Serum Advanced Therapy instead of this one, because we can always have homemade lip scrub from brown sugar and olive oil/honey, right?

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