Aug 30, 2016

My Maternity Shoot

So I've been having an idea to have my own maternity shoot, I mean it's kinda DIY, not including professional photographer and anything. I just thought it would cost extra energy and money to do it with professional one. I had fun with my pre wedding photo shoot, but I was so tired that day. In addition, having the big belly is also need extra hands, because I get tired easily. All preggo mama want is flexibility, right.

But I was really lazy until in my 36 weeks, I still didn't have the mood to make it happen. Then my sister called me, she voluntarily wanted to a maternity shoot for me. I was like not in the mood, because I have to wake up early, do my own makeup and prepare the clothes. But actually that would be all. Other things was taken care by my sister. She even searched the most quite garden around her house for outdoor shoot, so I won't be too embarrassed with people's staring at big whale. Hahaha. How thoughtful she is.

So I finally said yes to her.

We met at her house on Sunday morning. We started with outdoor shoot first at around 8:30. The weather was nice. After half hour we were back to have indoor shoot in her house. She has pretty nice wallpaper and all was set up for the shoot. By 10:30 all was wrapped. Yay to fuss free photo shoot!

These are some maternity shoots taken that day. Not bad, right?

Thank you sissy!

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