Jul 5, 2010

A job that worth to my capability

It's been almost a month since I took the GT Sampoerna test, and up to today there is no news. I guess I do not make it. I read on kaskus, they've been discussing the GT too, and it seems every body who pass the test will be noticed in 2-3 weeks. So that's the end.

Fyi, Sampoerna is one of the leading tobacco companies in Indonesia. And this GT (Graduate Trainee) Program promises a high salary compared to others. It is 4 times compared to mine now. Gosh! I know, you may say I am material person or anything. But I do need the money. We all need the money, don't we?

I am happy with my job now, but I am not very happy. Everything is good: the bosses are kind, the friends are great, the toilet is clean (yes, it does matter), except the salary that I can not complain about. My job description worth to that amount of money. And I know I can do more. I have more to give.

One of my friend got a job in a bank. she was in marketing. Her salary was almost twice compared to mine. But she worked in high pressure and stressful feeling. She gave up at last.

High salary but painful or so-so salary and happy?

Heck, I have to look for another job. A job that worth to my capability. I need high-salary-and-happy job.

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