Jul 20, 2010

Sightseeing Surabaya

Left to right: Juan, Evan, Jeanina

My family, no, my mum's family is huge. My mum has 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Let me calculate the children of them....

Auntie Shiane : 4 children
My mum: 3 children
Auntie Meliani: 3 children
Auntie Susan: 2 children
Auntie Meliana: 3 children
Uncle Wahyudi: 3 children
Auntie Yohana: 2 children
Uncle Ronny: 3 children
Auntie Ivy: 1 child

Okay, 24 children!! And oh yeah plus 2 grandchildren! Grandparents should be proud of us :)

Auntie Yohana and Auntie Ivy regularly come to Surabaya whenever the school holiday comes. They come with their kids: Juan, age 11 and Jeanina, age 10 (Yohana's) and Evan, age 9 (Ivy's). For mums: it is a good excuse to go to holiday with kids because you can do shopping too :p.

This holiday they stayed in my house for 2 weeks. When mums do shopping in mall, kids do playing in time zone, watching movie, or buying NDS games. When mums do manicure pedicure, kids do NDS-ing.

I think all the hi-tech games (NDS and time zone) make kids know nothing about the real world. I mean literally real. Kids now, rarely play on the ground or garden, or visit the zoo and museum. I don't hate the hi-tech games, i do love playing it sometimes. But kids do need fresh air too, don't they?

So I decided to take them to a cool and smart program called: Surabaya Heritage Track

All you have to do is make a phone call to do a reservation, as simple as that. The track was: House of Sampoerna - Hotel Majapahit - Grahadi Building - Arca Jokodolog - Halo Surabaya Restaurant - House of Sampoerna. The bus was good, spacious and comfy. And there was a tour leader who tell the story of historical buildings while we are on the bus. I wonder how he memorize all the historical names and dates and places.

Inside the Bus

Majapahit Hotel

Grahadi Building

Halo Surabaya Restaurant

I was happy to show the kids another fun things to do when holiday. Yes, me too enjoyed the sight seeing. The SHT program makes history fun and real!

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  1. Yes, that’s a good Surabaya hotel and its great for family get togethers…I love family reunions and it’s wonderful to see everyone!