May 14, 2013

While he's away

C got so lucky, he got free trip from the office, thank God. I am soooo happy for him and so sad at the same time. Happy because this trip is the reward of all his hard work, sad because he is away without me! T_T. He has been away for Macau-Shenzhen-Hongkong trip for 6 days. This is his last day, means: he's going back home today. Yay!

And what I did while he is away:

Watching movies
I rent some movies, I like the original ones, so I always rent them from Windisc. I watched The Vow. Rachel McAdams  is so pretty and Channing Tatum has a killer body (you can see his butts here, oops!). The story was based on real life, which  I found so romantic. I cried a tear watching their saying vows moment :"). I also watched Letters to Juliet. I can't imagined this movie without Amanda Seyfried. Gorgeous! The story is kind a predictable, but I enjoy the acts and the views, really Verona and Siena are so beautiful. Lastly I watched Ocean Eleven, yes the handsome Mr. George Clooney's movie (I love him way way more than Brad Pitt). Actually I've never seen this movie entirely, I once watched it on TV but always miss the first part. I love this movie and I have Ocean Twelve and Thirteen in queue *can't wait*

I adore Amanda Seyfried hair! 

I figured out that make ups price in HK is considerably cheaper than here in Indonesia. So, I browse through what to buy in there. I ended up choosing Koji Dolly Wink. My favorite liquid eyeliner, mascara and fake eyelashes (first try)  are on the way home tonight, baby! :D

Hanging out with my nephew
Darren is two years old now (at May 12). He is now a cute little guy with much laughter, more active, and he babbles a lot randomly! So happy to see him yesterday along with my sis n bro in law.  

Been thinking of making another scrapbook for C's upcoming birthday, so I decided to spend my weekend at My Scrapbook Idea (MSI) to gather some ideas. The store has seriously enormous stuff for scrapbook, I get dizzy literally. Fortunately I got all I want *happy*

I am more productive now, because I have something to write about. Hahaha..

Okay, I have to back to work now, can't wait for my Dolly Wink, oops, can't wait for C to come back! =P

I saw Eleven Twelve and Julia Robert acts as Julia Robert was a very awesome idea! 

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