Jun 8, 2011

Wagyu & Wine

Today my boss asked us to have a lunch with Board of Directors as a compliment of our good presentation last week. He treated each of us a Wagyu Steak. A juicy and a huge one. And because my boss do love fancy dining, he treated us a glass of wine too. I was so full and red (can't handle the alcohol).

Meat Shop & Gourmet located at Darmo Permai Selatan I No. 93

Juicy Wagyu. Yum yum!

Love the painting and ornaments there


  1. jadi ngiler haha :p
    sayang ini di surabaya yah hehe aku di jakarta :p

    thank you yah udah comment sama follow :D

    visit again soon

    teddy bear princess

  2. Thank you for your comment. Do visit here some other time :)


  3. yg blkg giant tu kan ya..?
    qrain inii cm jualan daging bwt pet..trnyt ada resto-nya jg tw..wkwkwkk...

    thx for sharing your thoughts on my blog :D

    hug and kisses,
    Miss Aa

  4. Hey miss aa..
    Yup belakang Giant hehe. Iya aku juga baru tau ada resto nya, karna diajak ama bos hihihi..