Jul 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum

Yesterday when I woke up, I was looking for you. You were not in the room. I went downstairs.Oh, there you are. You woke up so early. Busy making breakfast. I called your name, you looked back, then I hugged you. Hugged you tightly, and whispered as I said my prayer: Happy Birthday Mum, may God bless you..

You did not hug back. No response at all.

For second, I thought: what's going wrong here? Oh, my bad. I forget my family do not hug or kiss or do anything sweet and lovely like others do. Hahaha. For god sake it is just a hug and we do not do it. How on earth could that be possible? I don't blame anybody. I know my mum loves me much. It's only a tradition or culture or whatsoever that we-in my family-do not express our feeling physically. Strange, huh?

A hug may mean nothing, but some survey said (I read it somewhere) a hug a day will make you healthier. I'd love to hug and be hugged, to and by anyone I love. I guess I will make it a tradition in my future family. And no worry, I will keep hugging you, mum and dad! :)

Happy birthday Mum.
I love you.
July 10, 2011

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