Jul 23, 2011

Ice Skating (or Ice Standing?)

I was really excited to know there's an ice skating playground in Surabaya. Not that I am expert on that, simply because I was curious. Don't laugh, I have never played ice skating before *blushing*. So I thought it would be fun (turned out no, I'll explain it later. Hiks).

So last week I finally played ice skating with @lovingyunie @ical_paris @cilpiee at Manulife Cool Zone, Grand City, Surabaya. The event was held by Manulife, you can go on check their website here. Manulife sees the market condition: school holiday moment (May 28 to July 20) and no ice skating place in Surabaya. 

Ice Skating playground

@ical_paris in action

 "So how's the ice skating, Yun?" A friend asked me a day later. "Errrr.. instead of ice skating, I was ice standing!" O_o

Yes, it was sad. I was too afraid to fall that I just stood up. I wasted almost one hundred for standing still :(( 

Afraid to fall. It's human nature.  But by falling you will learn to get up, to try again, not to give up, to conquer your fear, to stand up, chin up, and succeed.

Gosh, I wish I can do it as easy as write it. Sigh. The thing is, I consider too much embarrassment and pain that would happen if I fall. Sigh (again). Wish me luck (and courage) another time!

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