Aug 2, 2011

Dream Will Find a Way

In 2008, I applied to Singapore Airlines to be a Cabin Crew. I think being a Flight Attendant especially an international one will make a larger opportunity to see the world. I love traveling, who doesn't (especially free of charge, even get paid A LOT :P)?

I just figured out recently that it has been my dream ever since I was kid. Being a Flight Attendant was one of my childhood dreams along with dreams to be a doctor or a teacher. Very typical dreams of Indonesian kids :D. I forgot that I had the dream for so long like I could not recall what the exact year, like I was 9 or 10. I was just a little kid answering randomly when people asked me what my dream is. I even did not know the job and the risk and everything. Is it a coincidence that I finally in 2008 applying for that position? Hahaha.

Unfortunately I did not make it, because of my height issue. SQ sets minimal 158 centimeter height, and I am 156 :(. It is a simple but critical criteria, so..... bye-bye SQ. Some friends passed the interview and succeed. Yes, I envy them, but I believe I'll get a better way to travel around the world someday! :D :D :D

Anyway I believe dream will find a way.

My friend Winnie (formerly was a Customer Care staff in Honda Dealer) is now a Garuda Flight Attendant. Being a Flight Attendant is her biggest dream since college. After graduated in 2009, she applied it and successfully made it to final interview in Jakarta, but sadly she voluntarily leaved it because her mom did not give her the blessing. Then she worked here but still do not give her dream up. She kept begging her mom to let her pursue her dream. Until last month she made the interview in Garuda Indonesia and her mom finally said yes.

Last Saturday was her farewell day. It was sad losing one of my favorite Customer Care, but I am happy for her for finally succeed to make the dream comes true. *HUG*

Good luck Win! This photo was taken in January 2011, at her bday :) Gonna miss her!

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