Aug 4, 2011

My Own Header

I've been changing my blog layout like a thousand times, edit it there and there, all over again: fonts, background, colors, and everything. And I just figure out something really cool that I can upload my own header by using my own picture (please excuse a blogger newbie :P).

I edited my header in Adobe Photoshop. I am no expert, but at least I can choose my favorite colors, fonts, and sizes. What I love about blogger it is so simple for a newbie like me. The simple steps are:
  • Click 'Design'
  • Click 'Edit" in your Header
  • Click 'Browse' to attach your fave picture
  • Click the Placement : 'Instead of Title and Description'
Just wait a second, and voila! You get your own header! :D

There it goes mine:

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