Sep 5, 2011


Just got back to the office from eight days off. It was so refreshing. I feel much alive now :P. Anyway I spent this holiday with Calvin, being a couch potato, did nothing but watched DVDs (Kungfu Panda 2, Wait Till You Get Older, My Name is Khan, and Wimpy Kid 2), talked like hours, we even got a serious conversation about Kim Kardashian family :P, and ordered some delivery service foods. We really had nothing to do, but we had fun. I was grateful because we have our own way to be happy <3. Holiday is not always about doing fancy things or expensive trip but it is about being with someone you love :").

Anyway it was only last Saturday we got out to Sutos to watch Transformer 3 in 3D (perfect timing, the theater was not crowded at all) and we catch to The Light Cup for some drinks before movie.

Almond Coffee

Come. Sip. Be Delighted

Look at their sexy curvy figure :D

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