Sep 6, 2011

My Makeup Kit

Actually have nothing to do and I think it is better for me to be productive by posting something useful, hehe.. And.... I am posting my makeup kit here for daily use to office! *eyelashes*

I use:
  1. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
  2. Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette 
  3. Missha The Style Face Powder no.2
  4. The Body Shop Define & Lengthen Mascara
  5. The Face Shop Auto Eyebrow no.2
  6. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes (Waterproof Liner Pencil)

I am currently in love with these two items:

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for my dehydrated skin. Actually I won the travel size of this item last month from their twitter account @kiehlsID and been trying it on afterward and it felt so good on my skin. So I decided to buy it last week and love it. It moist my skin almost all day at the office hours, quite oily after 5 hours, but the most important thing is: no pimples attack! Yay! Also it is a perfect match to the loose powder .

Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette. I got this from my best friend Jecklin as a birthday present in 2010 and I love love it so much! It has all the colors I want: black, dark blue, brown, purple, beige, peach, even white! I use the dark blue color almost everyday :D 

Actually I am not such a loyal customer to one particular brand. I have been trying this and that for all the time and still searching the best to suit my dry-oily-with-some-pimples skin. And oh, my friend told me about the BB Cream, yeah, this is the item that almost Korean Celebrity use for their flawless skin, so I think I am gonna give it a try some other time :)

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