Sep 26, 2011

Killiney Kopitiam

Hi Monday and another last week of the month! :)

Got some pictures from Killiney Kopitiam (@killineycoffee) at Grand City.

Hot Coffee Tarik and Ice Horlick Tarik.
The coffee was sweet and the horlick made me so full.
Horlick was somehow like cereal and I think it belongs to breakfast :)

French Toast Kaya Butter
Toast + Horlick = Skipping Dinner :D


Actually went to Grand City yesterday to look for a dress at Jessica McClintock, Grand Palace, but too bad nothing suits me :(. But the good news is I just had a phone call with my old friend, had a quick chat, and figured out she is a fashion designer :D. We're gonna meet up this week (so excited!) and hopefully she could remake my old dress.

We ended up watching Rise of The Planet of The Apes (which is I just know today that this is the prequel of Planet of The Apes, I am so yesterday -__-). I think the movie was okay, considering I'm a drama lover :").

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