Sep 28, 2011

PMS Mission Accomplished

I recently posted so many foods in this blog. I guess I am having a PMS Effect. Yes, besides we woman get high temperament (I have to say to Calvin that I am sorry  for easily getting mad for no particular reason, it's just one week, take it easy, stay alert and calm, and please make me happy :P), we also crave for foods, you can say we get hungry almost every time (It's me! :P).

For me, the spicy and salty food + PMS = happiness! :D

What I had this last two days: Apeng and Sinjay!

Mi Kuah (Noodles Soup) APENG.
Have it with their sliced chillies to make it way more delicious!
Oh and don't forget to try their famous Kwetiau!

Got this from Dealer Meeting today, delivered from Madura!

The Famous Nasi Bebek (Fried Duck with Rice) SINJAY.
The chilly+sliced mango is heaven!

And hereby I declare : my PMS Mission is Accomplished :D


  1. Spicy and salty is my favorite :)

  2. I am soooooooooo going to have a bowl of apeng tonight!