Mar 30, 2012

I Feel Good

Just celebrated staff birthday at the office today. Yup, my office celebrate each staff (who work over one year only) birthday every month. In the end of the month we gather everyone who has birthday on that month, buy them cakes, and together sing the happy birthday song and take pictures. Also the bosses will do the birthday speeches even pray for us. This is my birthday month so I was in and really I had a good time :")

Messy desks everywhere! XD
Thanks to C for taking the pic :*

Then I want to tell you my new things (these make me pay the credit card bill today. Uh oh). I have this new trouser in black from Body and Soul, very comfy to wear, fits my short leg perfectly :P, and new batik top from Batik Keris. I love the color and the cheongsam neck. Glad that I chose size M (usually take SS!), kinda lousy but it fits very well as an office attire. Also introducing my new hair! Been having too much bad hairs days and finally cut my hair shorter last week. My head feels so much lighter and... I feel good! :D

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