Mar 29, 2012

Just For Fun

There was a while time ago, when I started writing more often in my blog (perhaps one year ago), I really wanted to monetize my blog. Here was my thoughts : I write something online (no cost at all), and I will get some money. I did try it twice using blogger facility, and they rejected me, said that I don't meet their criteria and whatsoever. Kinda upset at first, but I just let it go, forgot it, and just moved on XD

So what's the news now? Here comes the irony: I hate bloggers with too much advertising, hahaha! Sometimes when they post too many ads, I simply hit the button: "stop following this site" hehehe.

I know sponsors will be happy to put on some ads on bloggers website, which I know online marketing is powerful now, but so sorry, if it's too much, I as a reader just find it annoying.

I enjoy writing also reading others' sharing, drawings, thoughts, reviews, recommendations and so on, but I will keep it just for fun. I don't want to be 'forced' to read any particular blogs. It goes the same as people who comments your post, bla bla bla and ask you follow their blogs. I don't find it work that way. I will follow their blog if I like reading it, because I am not a follower, I am a reader. That's it, as simple as that. 

And..... guess what? It goes the same in twitter. Please just keep this "I followed you, please follow me back" away :P

Ok, that's my contemplation of the day hehehe, let me happily share Kogyo's Bibimbap as I mentioned before ^^ finally tried it, and it is a real yummy!

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