Mar 17, 2012

A Little Prayer

This writing should be posted on my birthday which is over a week ago. I was too busy to blog last week, preparing a meeting and training new member.

Thank God, the meeting and training went well. It made me remember myself three years ago when I was a newbie in my department, all by myself. And I think I survive! :D

One member even said in our meeting last week that my department is much better when I handle them comparing to my formers. It just a simple comment, but it really means a lot to me, that I am contributing to someone, that I am contributing to my department :"). Yet, in fact I think I have done nothing but make every reports simpler and run a training for enhancing their skill.

The older I am, the more I know that I want nothing in this world but happiness.

Sometimes I am too busy to think "What have I done this past 25 years?" or "What will I become in the next 5 years?" or "Can I go to Hongkong someday (sooner :P) and play in Ocean Park?" or "Can I have a wedding in a garden on a sunny day someday?' or " Can I have my own workshop or studio or anything at home so I can be a full-time mom, staying with my kids, while Calvin is working?" or "Can I live that long so I can see my grand kids?" or any other absurd questions.

And I reach to this point that all of my thoughts above are way too overreacted, because I have to think about my life NOW not yesterday, not tomorrow, or not in the next 5 years. Yes, people make plans, indeed, but the thing I want to say is we have to be grateful and give our best for what we have now instead of worrying what we don't have now.

I believe God will make a way. In His time. 

Then here I say a little prayer to you Lord, for better me.

Thanks for the gift :*

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