Mar 24, 2012

Not So Long Weekend

At first I was so excited to know that this week we have one day holiday on Friday to celebrate Day Of Silence (Hari Raya Nyepi). It supposed to be a fun long weekend, for people who don't work at Saturday, unlike me :((. I think I've been writing a lot of how I wonder on earth that my office (probably the only one?) still open on Saturday.

Anyway, I still have to be grateful that I got one day off (There are so many people who work on Sunday, right?). Spent it very wisely yesterday: woke up at 8, got breakfast of Kue Mangkok and a cup of coffee, while watching Star World: Top Model, Master Chef (They cooked Halibut Fish, just happened to know that kind of fish exists), and American Idol (Kinda think Hee Jun is much better to be a comedian tv star, don't you think so?) and... took a nap! Oh gosh, it's been ages!

At the end of the day, we had dinner at Fish & Co and guess what did I order? Grilled Halibut with Sambal Sauce! Yes, I was inspired by Master Chef, hehehe :D. I enjoyed the texture of the fish but the sauce is a little bit too much of seasoning, I'd rather to have Fish & Chips next time. Another thing is their fish is HUGE you may share it for two, it explained why they have a quite pricey price! x_x

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