Apr 15, 2012


Okay, here we are again preparing Main Dealer Business Meeting on this Tuesday. Got home at 2 am two days ago, didn't bring my key (stupid me), and.... disaster!

10.22 pm
Me texted Dad nervously:
"Dad, I may be late at home tonight, got an overtime at the office. Don't worry, I can go to office tomorrow at noon."

10.24 pm
Dad replied:
"Okay, be safe there."

12.12 am
Me texted Dad again, the nervous was doubled!
"Hmm, Dad, I think will be a lil bit late, please send me Yulin's number (new maid). So I can call her when I got home."

12.13 am
Dad replied:
"It's okay, I will open the door for you."

12.16 am
Me replied, really I skipped my heart a bit:
"Okay, Dad. It will be over soon, I will call you later."

12.17 am
Dad replied:

1.41 am
Dad texted me, obviously seems angry now:
"Hey, why don't you go home yet?"

1.44 am
Me replied, almost crying:
"Not yet, Dad. Everybody is still at the office. I will call you when I get home"

----- no reply

1.57 am
Me texted Dad
"I am on my way home."

----- no reply

2.20 am 
In front of my house, called Dad 5 times and got no answer.

15 minutes later:
Mom opened the door (thank God!) and told me that Dad was angry with me. I was so gonna dead!

Even I was at home, he didn't show up. Better be prepared myself for tomorrow.  And as a result, yes, I can't sleep! It's because I was thinking what to say to Dad tomorrow. Really frustrating. This is my 6th times (since 3 years ago) doing this overtime at work, it's kinda routine for us work at main dealer, to prepare a presentation to our Japanese big boss, and still my Dad doesn't get used to it, that his daughter will stay up late the office one full week, twice a year. SIGH.

And the following day was way predictable with an hour lecturer from Dad in the morning and the scene of me keeping my mouth off and nodding continuously. I think that was the best way to calm the angry Dad, to let him burst it out. 

I am so sorry, Dad. It's just the way it is :((

Hope Tuesday will come soon and the meeting will run well, oh and really wish the Japanese big boss will be in a good mood *finger crossed*

PS: I've been getting home late still, and I am saved by my own key.

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