Jun 12, 2012


I have to say I'm adoring them, them as a personal (look at the way they write on their blog or speak on video), their photos (almost around the world!), their style, clothes (!!) and shoes (!!!).

They are....

Shini Park from Park and Cube

Look at Shini's shoes shelf. I'm drooling over her nude ones! 


Peony Lim (Beside her style diary, let me tell you something: SHE CAN COOK! Life is so unfair -,-)

And this is Peony's Stairway to Heaven!

Anyway they both are Asian who live in London. Shini was born in Seoul and Peony has Chinese and English background. How can I not adore them! I could stalk their blog like hours in a day! *smooches*

*updated June 22: I got retweet from Peony! YAY! (I know it sound cheesy, but it really made my day :D :D :D )

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