Jun 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Just called daddy to say happy birthday, and guess what? He forgot that it's his birthday! Hahahaha. I think that's why I love him. For his caring beyond simple things for his wife and children and simply ignore his own. I love love love him. 

Notes to Daddy:
I know this year may be tough for you, but you keep going, don't you? That's the blessing from God, to always have the healthiness and happiness to do what you wanna do. I know you were so happy this early year, cause brother finally tied the knot hehehe. I guess that's me who should be freaking out now, because now you will stare at me more often to give that -when will you get married- look. Meh! Hahaha.. And I know you still deny yourself that the scary cigarette has no good at all for you (unless it keeps you thin! I know, I know, you had gained 10 kilos when you quit smoking ages ago! And I know it's kinda creepy for you to not in a good shape! True, right? Lol). No matter what, please, please, stay healthy. And oh, please be a more loving and patience husband to mum, I know, mum is having blackberry now, and she will ask you a lot of things. Hehehe.. And lastly may God always be with you, we love you, Dad!

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