Oct 19, 2012


So finally the meeting is all done yesterday. It went well, however it didn't come as easy as usual. Other team worked over time,10 am to 2 am everyday since last Saturday, even on Sunday. Lucky me, my division had no presentation, so I got home earlier on 11pm. And, of course my parents are here since early month so I really don't want piss my dad off as the previous meeting (which I got home on 1-2am, and my dad won't talk to me like a week). Really wonder why on earth they always come whenever I have to work over time o_O

This is the main dealer business meeting which every semester the Japanese  bosses will come to the main dealer, and main dealer have to prepare a presentation toward our achievement, the anaysis, and the next plan, surely to increase the car sales. I think this time was the smoothest meeting we've ever done. The Japanese bosses were so nice, they even joked around a lot. 

And I am so proud of C, lack of sleep, exhausted mind and body, yet he presented so well. We had the best meeting ever!

I wonder if other brand do such things. How will it be if SKII compared to Clinique, or MAC to MUFE segment by segment? Hehehe, I am so out of topic XD

Just this evening, my boss thanked to all of us, and we are rewarded one day off and he promised to take us a big meal celebration hehehe.. Looking forward, boss B-)

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