Nov 30, 2012

Fighting the Cold

Whenever I get cold, I'll have a sore throat too. Sigh. So these are my equipment:

  • Warm water. This is my number one equipment, because I really hate taking medicine. I feel like taking medicine = taking unknown chemical into my body. I will only take medicine, whenever I get worse. I take warm water as much as I can. I will pee like every hour. But it really helps relieving the cold and sore throat.
  • Actifed, cold and cough syrup. I take this when the sore throat get worse or I couldn't sleep because of coughing. Relieving the throat a lot.
  • Rhinos SR, cold capsule. This is probably my number one flu medicine when I get (way too) runny nose. I get one pill before bed two days in a row (one pill per day, I don't take it in office hour, because I'll be getting high XD), and in day three I'll get better. Works like magic on me. 
  • Nature's health 3in1, food supplement in softgels.  I will take two softgels a day as an early 'medicine' if I indicate a symptom of cold or sore throat. 
The point is when you get cold, you should have sufficient rest (8 to 9 hours sleep) and healthy meals (no fried meals at all or even take porridge for worse sore throat). And if you're not getting better in day four, please see the doctor. I hate doctor as much as I hate taking medicine, but I just realize going to the (good) doctor will be much more efficient, because he/she will give specific prescription to specific symptom. And voila you'll be guaranteed to be healthy in max three days (in my case and C). 

Anyway now C is getting cold too. And to tell you the truth, I think he got infected because of me :( *oops, so sorry, babe*. He's been getting Rhinos SR two days, and a little bit better today. I told him to go to the doctor tomorrow if he doesn't get any healthier. The thing is today is the end of the month, which is the overtime day. Sigh. 

Hope he will survive the day. 

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