Feb 5, 2013

Weekend at Jakarta and etc

Just had a busy weekend at Jakarta. I and my other colleagues were there to support our team in Honda Skill Contest 2013. And the hard work has been paid off. Almost all win top three position the categories. They, as I know, are all the people to very determined to win. Hence, I am so happy, I grinned so wide as I heard the news of their winning announcement at Mulia Hotel Bali, yes after took part the Contest at Jakarta, all the contestants were flew to Bali! *envious*. Some didn't win, but I know they did their best, it's just a matter of time. Anyway, I had a chance to try the famous Yoshinoya at Jakarta! And as people say, it was so yummyyyyy!

Let's move to my recent purchases (again!). I got another Dollywink! I've been searching for a waterproof mascara and read a good reviews about Koji Dollywink. I had Maybelline Turbo Boost which I didn't really like, because it smudges and leaves some black residues under eyes after 4-5 hours. I totally look like a mess. And this Dollywink Long Mascara... I am in love! I purchased it at Sogo for IDR 296K. Pretty expensive for a mascara, somehow I kinda regret buying it, because I just checked on online shop, they sell it for only IDR 196K :( #lessonlearned : check online before purchasing something (!!)

And okay, I have to save up this month, I purchased too many things! But I love them all. OMG!  >,<

I bought Fossil watch as Christmas gift for myself, hahaha =P and I bought Estee Lauder eyeshadow as a Christmas gift for my mom. I bought it in two colors: cyber pink and cyber copper. Both are gorgeous. And that BB cream is from Ettusais, I read the review from Joey Chong, and I am carried away ever since. Fortunately, when my mom went to SG, she managed to stopped by at Ettusais counter and bought it for me :D. So far this BB cream works well at me. *happy*  

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