Apr 30, 2013

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude

So I finally ordered my very first theBalm product: Meet Matt(e) Nude (go check their website, cute-vintage-ness overload! I am so thrilled by their way to name all their products. Too creative!) via Mimo Pre Order. I've been eyeing some matte eyeshadow palettes, so when I know that theBalm got 50% off on all product, I didn't want to miss the chance! : D. 

I got this beautiful eyeshadow palettes only idr 315k (original price is $42), so it was a really good deal, right? *happy*. And guess what? It comes out in super pretty packaging and I have all the matte colors I want. I've wearing them a week, and I could say their staying power is awesome (I use NYX HD eyeshadow base first). 


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