May 21, 2013

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

I got this famous gel eyeliner while ago. Purchased it from Bobbi Brown's website when they had 20% off. Yay me! I did a research before, some reviews it so good but others says it so-so. Then I just push my luck. Let's bring it to my train case (I don't have one, but writing that makes it sounds cooler, hahaha, I only have  my messy beauty desk at home =P).

First impression was the packaging is so beautiful, I don't have any high end brand makeup product, so this made me in an awe. It has glass packaging, with beautiful black lid and white famous Bobbi Brown fonts. 

Just try this out (I use it after primer) only for 3 days, but I could say this is very long lasting eyeliner. I had this from 7 am and stays in place until 8 pm. The only downside is, I made a winged eye look yesterday, and in 4 pm I saw the wings has broken (okay, I say it too much hahaha), the thing is this eyeliner smudged only on the wings. So, I just erased the wing out and my eyes still in a good look all in all. 

Oh, and I do notice a quite weird feeling applying this eyeliner. My eyes are sore! It's not comfortable yet it's still bearable. Like, I don't know, can there be ingredients that get me allergic? The sore gone slowly after 4 hours, thank God. 

The removing part is quite easy, I just need a better eye and make up remover. I have L'Oreal one, and it hurts my eyes. Why can't you stand a drugstore product? *asking my eyes*

I use Sigma E05 for eyeliner brush

What so good about buying high end product without knowing how to use it? ;)
I learn it the best from Michelle Phan. Easy peasy wing eyes! Check her video out:

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