Jun 13, 2013

Dolly Wink Mascaras

Mascara was the very first beauty item I bought when I was at senior high. It was even a clear mascara, without any effect. I've told you that I was a dorky back then (or still am?) that I had no experience at make ups at all. Hehehe..

Now, Mascara for me is a must have beauty item. I can have a bold black eyeliner but without a mascara I feel naked.

I tried The Body Shop or Maybeline once or twice, and not quite satisfied with the result. They were not long lasting, I would have panda eyes by 3-4 hours after applying. I thought every mascara was the same until I found Koji Dolly Wink!

I have Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner and I like everything about it, so when I saw their mascara, without hesitate I purchased it. My very first Dolly Wink Mascara is the long one.

And as predicted: say bye-bye to panda eyes! This mascara stays still until 10 hours, as amazing as the liquid eyeliner. So when C was going to HK last month, I told him to buy me another Dolly Wink mascara: the volume one! Hooray!

Volume + Long = Awesome Lashes!

I was trying these two mascaras at a friend's wedding last week ;;)

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