Jun 10, 2013

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I thank God for the day of your birth today many years ago. We agree not to mention the number, right. It doesn't matter how old are you, for me, you are forever young, yeah with that huge tattoo on your left chest, I am always in an awe for the courage in your youth. You have such an experience. 

I know you love watching the news everyday as often as possible. You acknowledge every issue, every name in politics in Indonesia, you sometimes argue it, you probably talk to Mom, but she doesn't really into it, so it seems like you're talking to yourself, take it easy Dad, women's brain is only about pretty things, like diamonds and shoes, politic isn't included. 

You know sometimes when I have to work over time at the office, even on Sundays, you suddenly call me, just to make sure I am okay, just like you know that something bad happen to me (yeah, over time is bad, right). And every time you hit me with the question "Where are you and how are you?", I answer and ask you a similar question to you quickly, to get you distracted, and you will forget the 'where are you' question at the first place hehehe.

You know Dad, I think I get communication skill from you. I remember when I was a little kid, you had your radio thing called ORARI or something, and you speak different accent and dialect. You are easily adapting to them. And look at me now, most people don't know that I come from small town not even written in Indonesian map. Wohoo!

Hmm, what else? Think I'm gonna write more in your next birthday.

I hope you have good times with your grandchildren, I love seeing your smile when you play with them. Smile and laugh a lot, it helps reducing the wrinkles hehehe.
I hope you will be forever grateful for ups and downs in life. No worries, you have God and you have us, your family.
I pray God will give you a strong heart and a peaceful mind, I know you have a sleeping trouble, yeah, Mom told me.
And one more thing, please keep healthy, okay?

Happy birthday Dad, I love you.


Your little girl, always

Hooray! Grandpa loves Me! :)

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