Jun 29, 2013

Lombok Bali Business Trip

I have to 'yay' first, because after almost five years working here, I haven't visited all Honda Dealers in my area which is Lombok and Bali. 

So yay (again)! :D

We have one Dealer in Lombok and three Dealers in Bali, so it was a four days business trip, the longest ever in my work experience. Four days trip were super packed. Along with my colleague we went to each Dealers: visited, checked, and presented the result at the in of the day. Tired and lack of sleep, but I had my mojo: enjoying their local foods! 

Mie Manalagi - Lombok

Nasi Ayam Bakar - Warung Bendega - Bali

Nasi Campur Ayam - Warung Adnyana - Bali

Iga Ole - Warung Ole - Bali

The most favorite coffee in one of our Dealer: Cappuccino with Honda Logo :D 

I definitely have to burn some calories now! >,<

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