Jul 24, 2013

I have a crush

I have a crush, no, crushes..

on.... Candy Crush and Hay Day!

Hahaha, these two are the games on my iPad, which was a life changing :P

It was really a bad idea to have me downloading these games, because I am attached to them ever since. But I think the founders of these games still have mercy on me. Like on Candy Crush, it has some kind of penalty, which if I fail on a level like a lot of time, I am banned to play until some certain times. I even got 24 hours penalty. Same rule goes to Hay Day, the farm needs time to be worked on, so we have to wait and complete all the orders to get through the next level. Unless you want to pay some (real) money to fasten the works.

This rule, I thank the founders, because it's the most effective way to stop me playing the games, so I can go to bath or bed, or work. Yup, that bad on me XD.

But, look at the bright side. 
It keeps me occupied very well when I have nothing to do. 
Go try them yourself, at your own risk. 

My current Candy Crush

And my current Hay Day, I named it: The Ranchies (it reminds me of Bill Rancic! Haha!)

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