Jul 16, 2013

The Provider

So the good gadget needs a good buddy to accommodate aIl the internet connection. My bf has been using XL hotrod 3G and he says nothing bad about it, so I pick XL without hesitate. This iPad mini uses nano sim card, so we have to install it in XL center. We went to XL center in jalan Pemuda yesterday on 5 pm. When we got there the security told us that the staff had their breakfasting in one hour. So the office will open again on 6. So we waited in the lounge. It's quite comfy there, super speedy wifi connection (I managed to download Candy Crush. Yay!), cozy couch, and free drinks.

So when the time came, the staff called us, and explained the detail, did some paperwork and done. All done in only 1 hour. Anyway XL has a good deal, by buying two sim card for only idr 60k consist of 3 giga byte, valid for two months. And the staff was very nice and helpful. *happy*

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