Jul 17, 2013

theBalm Lipstick : Mai Billsbepaid

Holaaaa from my home, yay this is my first time blogging at home. I really am still overwhelmed by the easiness of using the internet connection anywhere anytime :")

Anyway, my new lipstick has arrived! theBalm Mai Billsbepaid! How cute the name is, right? Actually it's kind a silly, because I told my bf to buy me this lipstick because I've got a lot expense this month (I purchased two foundation at the same week!). And lucky me he handed me the money right away (girls, don't forget to use your puppy eyes :p). So the name says it all, my bills be paid by my bf! Hahaha. 

It's like forever that I have problem using lipstick, because of the sensitive lips. Sometimes I got itchy and chapped easily by using only lip balm. I even once got pretty bad swollen lips when a beauty assistant in the mall try putting the lipstick on me, only in two hours. Instead of pretty, I got ugly? Yup, it's that bad. 

So when I first know theBalm lipstick, the very first question is: Will the product makes dry and chapped lips?

After putting it on almost all day today....

It is not! 

It even makes my lips look healthier and the highlight is also the color is very wearable for everyday looks, it's nude, I say it : 'no lipstick' lipstick ;)


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