Sep 1, 2013

Long time no see

Hiiii.. Long time no see!
(just figure out I have no single post in August, blame the Hay Day! 😙)

Let's have a quick update (gonna be qiuck I have boat order on Hay Day hahaha).

I've been enjoying bath and body works products since highschool and I got hooked ever since. It was Sweet Pea Body Cream! A great starter for me, because the fragrance is indeed sweet. My classmate even asked me what perfume I used ☺

Too bad, the product is only in US, so I found hard to get it. As time goes by, I was in and out using another body care product, the body shop, loocitane, etc. Basically they are the product that I can buy easily in the store, but too bad they don't accommodate 'my fragrance'. Thank goodness because of internet, I found some online store that selling them! So I think I always get back to bath and body works.

Now I have Beautiful Day, the triple moisture body cream, and I love it to bits! Fruity, floral, fresh, it really makes my day beautiful 😍

In the picture above I also have another bath and body works product a hand sanitizer with an owl holder, cute right. Another one is Bliss sage+lemon body butter (in this hot weather all we need is to make sure the skin is well moistured). The name is body butter, but it has no texture like one. Once you apply, it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. I think i will repurchase the full size in the future.

Oh and I want to tell you my recent fashion purchase that I really love! Spanx!

I purchase Mid-Thigh Undie-tectable Spanx to substitute my old one that I have been using almost 3 years (it's wacoal anyway). It's been sewn here and there so I think I have to purchase the new one. And Spanx it is. 

I wore it yesterday under my Dorothy Perkins black dress yesterday at my bf's best friend's wedding, and all I can say is: I LOVE IT! 

As it says on the packaging: 
"Invisible compression zone flattens tummy"
"Secretly slims under skirt & dress"

Best purchase of the month!

Another thing I purchase lately (You purchase way too many, Yun!😱) is Batiste dry shampoo. Been reading some great reviews on this product as a first help for instant fresh hair, it reduces the oil on the scalp, when you have no time to wash your hair. 

I have a terrible oily scalp. I wash my hair every morning, and at 3-4 pm it gets oily, even at the aircon office. Sad. So when I saw this product at Mothercare I purchase it without hesitate. I just used it twice, but don't really see the magic. Or was it me that didn't use it properly. I think I have to give it another try next time. 

I guess that'd be all. I just have my morning coffee and breakfast while writing this on this beautiful Sunday morning. Bliss. 

Happy Sunday! 

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