Sep 7, 2013

Eleven Minutes

Eleven MinutesEleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
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I've never read any novels twice or more. For me once is enough. But this Paulo Coelho novel Eleven Minutes marks my first time ever reading a novel twice. 

I once read it in 2007 (thanks to goodreads shelf). I think I wasn't quite sure about the content. All I remember is a prostitute in Rue de Berne, a famous road in Switzerland. But I forgot the story line. 

Having not reading lately, I have the urgency to light up my old neglected hobby : reading novels (ever since I found hay day :P). That's why I think I have to reread it. 

Eleven Minutes is the only Paulo Coelho's novel I have. I even haven't read the most famous the Alchemist. I don't know why I picked Eleven Minutes back then. And I once lent from library Witch from Portobelo, but never understand a word on it *too heavy for my chick-lit head*.

When I reread it I found that Paulo Coelho is trying to tell the readers to love without posses. All is written beautifully in Maria, the prostitute's eyes. Maria was a little Brazilian innocent girl who had a dream to find love and get settled with a rich husband, lovely kids in a sea view house (Who doesn't want it anyway?). But the universe had something else for her in Switzerland. 

I recommend this novel to those who are 21 and above. No under age please. Because some terms maybe too 'harsh' ('prostitute' and 'orgasm' are everywhere) and yet you won't get the point. As I reread it now I understand it better. Yes, I take this Paulo Coelho novel seriously as if it's a life lesson.

Good read, indeed.

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