Sep 9, 2013

My not-so-complicated Skincare Routine

I believe a better canvas will make a better painting. And that's more or less the same with the face. So lately, since I love using makeup, I am more concern to keep my face healthy from within. I drink water as much as I can, but I do drinking coffee everyday, and being in an aircon office almost 10 hours every day. Once a while I walk out in sunny Surabaya to grab some lunch. So yeah, my skin is not in its very best : dehydrated and polluted I guess -_-

So I am now more concern to keep my face as hydrated as possible. I use moisturizer every morning and night before bed. I've been enjoying Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge for a couple of years now. Even though it says Night, but I use it in the morning too, because I found the morning one is stickier which I hate it. So I only get protected my the SPF that is contained in my foundation. 

Back to Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge, it has a very light texture, no sticky at all and I feel my skin moistured enough. Most of all, it doesn't break out my sensitive skin. I purchased it around idr 450k. Quite pricey, but I can use it up in 9 months, value for money, right. 

Lately I find my skin is drier and gets some flakiness, yuck, blame the Surabaya's hot weather >,< . And I think using moisturizer only is not enough. So I do some research on the internet, and found out Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, a serum which claims to create more smoother, hydrated and stronger skin. There you go.

Been using it about couple of weeks, and I can see it reduces the redness on my cheeks, doesn't really hydrated though, still can see dry patches here and there, but I think I have to use it up around one month to really achieve the healthier skin *fingers crossed*. 

Oh and sometimes in the morning before applying moisturizer I spray Avene Thermal Spring Water. The reviews say it can calm the redness, but I don't really see the result. To me it's just like spraying water on my face >,<. The only thing I do enjoy is the cool feeling after spraying it. I think I won't repurchase.

I think that's all of my skincare routine, not really complicated, right. 

Happy Sunday! :)

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