Jan 22, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit of everything in random order, I just have to let it out

Gel manicure and pedicure
Every time my mom's here (she lives outside town) she always go to Nail Plus or Glow to have pedicure and manicure, so when I had my time off, mom told me to go with her. It had been ages since I got manicure or pedicure, hence the therapist asked me if I want a gel manicure. I was like: Ha? What is that? Yes, I am so out of date :P. Cut the story short, me and mom were done having neat and pretty nails. It's been 3 weeks that my hand nails still 80% in a good condition (not cracked like ordinary manicure), meanwhile my foot nails still looking as new as the first time (amazed!). Couple days ago I tried to remove the nail polish with aceton, but nothing happened. And when I tried to pull the nail polish, my nail become ugly leaving with some scratches. Uh oh. I tried googling searching any method, but came with no answer. So I called Nail Plus and asked, and they told me to go to their counter because it can only be removed by their special liquid (cost idr 49k T_T). Heck, the removing process was a little complicated, including using some aluminium foils, really a time wasting. But hey I got my nails back. Really I have to think more to get gel manicure/pedicure next time :/

First time waxing the underarm
While removing the nail polish I chatted with my therapist at Nail Plus and asked her about waxing the underarm: is it hurt or have any side effect. She said waxing underarm basically is the easiest way to get rid of the unwanted hair, with minimum side effect, unless you have sensitive underarm area. And it can be done not more than 10 minutes. I'm in! Thanks to technology! First step is warming the gel about 15 minutes, so I just wait on their comfy couch while watching Katie Perry on MTV unplugged (She is so pretty, omg! I can look at her makeup all day!). Then the therapist says the gel is ready, so I was escorted to the back room, and asked to lay down on their bed. I expect the waxing will be hurt so much, but it wasn't! Hooray! She spread the warm (a little bit hot) gel on my underarm and put a paper on it, and I just have to hold a little pain only one second when the therapist pull the paper off, then she finished it with applying some layers of lotions. And all done.  My very first time waxing underarm was not so bad at all, actually I am thinking of doing it regularly (the price is idr 89k).

Parents Meeting
It was my parents meeting my bf's parents and grandparents and other relatives for the first time. They came at Sunday morning, have a little chat and discussion about our future. It's a huge step :") and I can't thank God enough. Hope everything goes smoothly, God speed!

2014 Resolution
Unlike any other year, I don't really have one this year. Oh, I want to have clear skin (meaning : stick to Shiseido Ibuki series, no more trying this or that). Since I found Shiseido launches their new range of skin care called Ibuki, I purchased the starter and fell in love immediately. Using Ibuki series regularly I've been seeing my skin looks healthy as ever, no more redness, no more dry and patchy skins. My foundations sets really well on my skin now *happy*.
Any other resolution? Guess, I will keep this part updated every time I want something.

My niece's turning 1
I love herrrrr!

Having fun in Instagram
The only social media that I am using now is Instagram. I find it very fun, especially when you follow someone who share something you really like. In my case, make up and more make up! I am not a make up junkie, but I do have a pleasure feeling just by seeing other make up hauls or just to stay in touch with the newest make up stuff. Other fun thing in Instagram is seeing cute baby boy (Xiaxue's son!), food and more food (ladyironchef), or beautiful painting (ayangcempaka) and etc. I just love seeing beautiful pictures!

I did my mom's make up
I was really happy that mom trusted me to do her make up at my cousin's wedding reception. Not bad at all I guess. She basically have a pretty face and healthy skin, so my job was a little easy that evening, hehehehe ;;)
Missing my bf
Now that the job has been taking him once or twice a month to go to Jakarta, I find that something is missing. I miss him being around T_T

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  1. Aw, that photo of you and your mom is so cute, you are both beautiful. And how exciting, both families meeting each other for the first time :-) I remember that moment for Tom and me, I kept on praying that they'd all like each other, haha.