Jan 9, 2014

Office trip to Bandung

(Found this post in my draft from 14Dec 2013, I really was a busy bee, forgetting to publish this post x_x)


Holaaaaa, from the top! Because i am writing on the plane. To our way to Bandung. Hahaha.. 
Feel sleepy actually but can't sleep. We just had our anual meeting yesterday, so say hi to my panda eyes. But thank god for the well done presentation. All the sleepness nights are worth it.

(Continuing the post when we are back to Surabaya)

Anyway, we are having this office trip (finally) as a reward for our hard work for the presentation. Though the preparation for itinerary were really tight (only 2 days before the day) and though we only visit Bandung for two days, WE HAD FUN! 

We ate a lot, we played at Trans Studio, we ate again, we chatted until midnight at the hotel, we shopped at Rumah Mode, and we ate more. Hahaha.. Thank you Boss! 

1 comment:

  1. looks like you had ton of fun
    wish I could visit Bandung soon :)

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa