Mar 19, 2014

I'm Engaged!

Still can't believe that now I'm engaged!
I can't really describe how thankful I am to God. The whole process of my relationship since the very beginning, through ups and downs, and finally made it to meeting up both parents which is the crucial part in our Chinese culture, we made it.

It was in January when we came up with the date of the engagement, which was couple weeks ago on March 9. Can't thank enough for parents, brothers, sisters, and friends who have helped us for the preparation.

In case any of you want to know the vendors we were dealing with, I list some of it below:

  • Venue : Ming Garden (the manager and all of the waiters/waitress, even the parking officer were so nice and of course their Chinese Food is one of the best in town, including their misuah, yum yum!)
  • Backdrop Decoration: Posh Decoration
  • Baki (rents) : Toko Dewi Pasar Atum
  • Engagement box : Fresh One
  • Engagement snack : Kemenangan 
  • Dress and hair piece : Susie Loemanauw 
  • Make Up and Hairdo : Niken Xu
  • Cupcake topper and table mat : Yunie (yes, I made it myself, you just need photoshop, papers, and printer!)
  • Cupcakes : Pumpkin
  • Tarts : Nop's Kitchen
  • Photographer : Raymond Limbers (my bestie's boyfriend :D)
What do I miss? I think that's all. Let me know if you want to know the details through comment section.

Oh and this is C's present for my birthday, I consider it as my engagement ring (Now I know why women say diamond is a girl's best friend, because I love it, I can't stop looking at it! :D)

Have a great  midweek!

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