May 18, 2015

DIY Kids Superheroes Birthday

My sister asked me a couple weeks ago to help her preparing her son's birthday party. And because my nephew is so mad about Spider Man, Iron Man, and Captain America so she decided to make them the theme of the birthday party.

It was a small party with my nephew's friends and of course their moms, so my sister requested only small superheroes themed decoration table.

The internet and google makes our life easier, right? I've got all the things that we want.

Our decoration table consists of:

  1. Cake and cookies (made by my sister's friend)
  2. Cupcake from Komugi Bakery and cupcake topper
  3. Jelly satay (very easy to make)
  4. Popcorn trumpet (DIY from my sister's friend)
  5. Milks
  6. Balloons (lots of them)

Birthday banner :

Cupcake topper and anything else :

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