Jul 26, 2016

DIY Wall Art

I have a huge love for beautiful prints. So when we finally moved to our own house (praise Lord), I told Calvin that I want to make a wall art. He was as excited as I am, because he simply loves the mechanical tools, you know things included nails and hammer, hahaha.

For my DIY Wall Art, I bought various sizes of frames: 30cm x 30 cm, 8R and 4R. And for the prints, I googled it with the keyword: wall art free printable.

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Mine are from:

here and

There are a lot of it, so feel free to express yourself in it, because it is so fun and therapeutic.

I also found out another fun way to make DIY wall art by using my old scrapbook tools. You can see on my "He has made.. " frame, it was actually from 30cm x 30 cm paper and some alphabets stickers. Not bad, right?

I am so happy with the result and really want to add more frames later.

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