Mar 2, 2011

Way to Write

I just checked my hotmail and found this in my draft. Guess I googled and saved it as a reminder to write a good  Application Letter someday. I think I should share it here, before it stinks in my draft email :P. Here it goes:

  • Outline your skills and abilities that relate to the criterion you are addressing.
  • Do not simply address the criterion by saying that you possess the required skills but highlight your skills, experiences and achievements. Describe how you utilise these skills and provide examples.
  • Think broadly and diversely when addressing the criterion. For example: if the criterion relates to an employer seeking a person with good communication skills, think about the different forms of communication (in person, in writing, over the telephone and communicating with persons from different ethnic backgrounds/cultures, language barriers, non verbal communication skills etc).
  • Make sure that your response is clear, succinct and concise. Remember, there is no need to impress by providing an overly complicated response that the employer is will have trouble interpreting.
  • Use positive action words.
  • Ensure that your response to each criterion is no longer than half a page.
  • Run a spell check on your computer before anyone sees your application.
  • Do a grammar review.
Source: unknown

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