Mar 28, 2011

Excited yet Nauseous

Currently having this excited yet nauseous feeling right now. And this feeling has been bugging my mind this couple days. Oh my, I think I have to burst it out, before my head explodes.
I am thinking of selling my second branded items online! 

The things which make me excited are:
  1. I have chance to clear up my wardrobe. Sometimes I do get sick of how many items in my wardrobe (and my sister's). Selling it will be a good idea to clean up my house from the messiness, plus.. I will get some cash :)
  2. Selling it online means it's free and accessible to everyone. Yay!
  3. I think a cloth belongs to a soul, which is in my condition, it's now not belong to me anymore. It used to be my cup of hot tea, but now the 'hot' is just gone. And I believe if anybody likes it, then the clothes suit her, then it got the soul back :D. Ok, you will get dizzy with what I am saying, easy, I think I am too X_X hehehe..

The nauseous part is I am a newbie to this digital thing called online store or online shop or anything. I still don't know how I suppose to start it -__- 

Ah, at least, I got my 2011 resolution now: cleaning up my old-but-still-good wardrobe! :) cheer up!

To let go is to let in.

Wish me luck!

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