May 29, 2011

Late Nite Post

There are times when I stay late at the office.
Twice a year.
4 to 7 days in each time.
9 to 2. Am to am.
Even on Sunday, like today.
Tired, yes.
Exhausted, yes.
Panda eyes, yes.
Pimples, yes.

All for a meeting. Six hours meeting with the Japanese. The review of our last semester achievement and our 2011 strategy. Tomorrow, May 30th, 2011. 10.30.  

I have been through it since 2009 to 2011. I do not complaint to get home late. But my parents do *sigh*. Please do not worry about me. Bosses give us tons of foods even a vitamin C injection. It is just the way it is. And the most important thing I do it happily.

Just wish us good luck tomorrow. God speed!


  1. If u do it gladly then nothing to complain :)
    Masih lembur2 ga?
    Jaga kesehatan yaaa

  2. Yup kak, I do it gladly, karna berarti Tuhan masih kasi kerjaan kan, hehehe. Ga sering2 lembur kok.. Makasih ya kak :*