May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear

You make me burst out in laugh loud a lot
You handle me so well even for my worst mood/tears
You know how to talk to me when you ask: "What's wrong?" and I say: "I'm fine"
You teach me to be not afraid for being myself
You teach me to fight for my vision
You show me your way of caring: act more than talk
You show me your way of love: unconditionally persistent love
You define your own language of relationship: never let each other down

Yes, you, the birthday boy today :)

May the good Lord bless you with abundant joy and I pray the best for you to be able to achieve of what you want, to be a more caring son and brother to your family, and to stay loving me ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.. Have a great one!

I love you :*

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