Sep 19, 2011

Sunday Gateaway

I work six days, Monday to Saturday (yes I work on Saturday T_T). So when Sunday comes, I always feel really grateful, I know God loves us human, for giving us a special day to get some rest, to get away from work actually. Particularly for me, Sunday is the only day I could wake up late, do some yoga, put a face mask treatment or coffee scrubbing, sometimes not to take a bath :P, go to the mall to grab Starbucks with Calvin or to buy things (clothes, grocery or anything), watching movie and TV, reading novels and so on.  Sunday even is the only day I could do nothing, literally.

When I get home in weekdays at 7-8 pm, all I want to do are taking a bath, talking to Calvin on the phone and going to sleep as soon as possible. So yes, Sunday maybe is just another day for you, but to me Sunday is a precious day. Thank goodness!

So this last Sunday, me and Calvin dedicate this day off to look for a formal suit and dress for Calvin's sister wedding. As always, I envy Calvin's way of buying something: look for a good ones, try them on, decide, and purchase it. Zara formal suit is in his hand in no time! As simple as that. Imagine how woman decide purchasing something, it may take a whole day!

On the other hand, I got no luck.. Think I will remake my old dress or rent some dress, considering it is so pricey to buy a new one :S

Then we dropped by in Dante, grab some drinks and snack :D. I love Sunday!

Coffee Cream and Malibu Tea

Dante Platter

Calvin won't take a picture together, so I am being smart here: Photoshop-ing it!

Outfit: Dorothy Perkins Top

Anyway today is my first day working without Calvin T_T. He is away FOUR(!!) days for a business trip. I hate him for not being here. I hate driving alone. I hate getting meal alone. I hate doing anything alone. Hope I will survive the next couple days T_T

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