May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Love

Happy birthday ayank paopoi elek! ({}) :* 
I just love youuuuu..
I think the love is in a whole new level, don't you think so? 
And these are my prayers for your birthday this year:
I pray for you to enjoy your life more, to not to worry too much, and not to complaint too much. 
Take it easy.. Life is suck sometimes, but life is way more beautiful if we say so. 
I pray for you to be more patient in every way. Proactive, not reactive. 
I pray for your career. I know God will make a way for you, and He is doing it right now B-). 
I pray for you to be a more loving son and brother for your family. 
I pray for you to not to always think about money, seek God first, and anything will be provided. 
And last but not least, I pray for you to love me more each day, to not to get bored with me ;;), to always persistent in our commitment, to always support each other, and to always have a hope that we are in the same way to one purpose.. AMEN.
I'm so grateful to have you each day in my life.
Let's  celebrate your special day today!! 
Happy birthday, love!

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Igor's Coffee Mountain Ice Cake, a handmade scrap frame, and the gift!

  Made this scrap frame for the first time, it's scrap frame, right? Hahaha, basically I just printed, cut, and glued this and that into a frame. Very easy and simple for a beginner like me :D. I bought most items from Class Room (Sutos)

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