Jun 29, 2012

Roses are Red

Doing nothing at the office, feeling sleepy but I can't sleep here right? So I blog! Some stuff that catch my eyes recently: stuff in red!

This was my outfit last Saturday: top from Cotton Ink and the red shoes are from Wondershoe. Bought this shoes couple years ago, but only wore it twice, because it hurt my toe so bad. But when I got this Stripe Color-block tank in red, I remembered I have the red shoes to match it. And what's the excitement? I was using band aid and it worked like magic! The pain was gone, yay!

*Please don't try this at the office

This is another red stuff (Can I say car as stuff?). This new Honda Odyssey is in new color: Aurora Rosewood Pearl. I think it's so cool that people could create such a cool name for car's color. Saying it sounds sophisticated, mysterious, and sexy (How cool is that?).

Another one is the new Honda Civic in: Carnelian Red Pearl. I even have to google what the meaning of Carnelian is. Lol. 

Check the Honda Indonesia website for complete information here.

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