Aug 4, 2012

Things I Enjoy The Most

Breakfast and a cup of coffee. I love having bread or sunny side up egg as my breakfast. It's light in my tummy, not too heavy for morning kicks. Some carbs and protein are healthy yet nutritious. Research studies indicate one who have breakfast will perform better at work than the one who does not. And a cup coffee? I like it with some creamer and sugar. It lights up my day. Barely start my day without a cup of coffee.

Beautiful beach and sunset. White sand and a clear water are perfect combination. And don't you have some kind of peaceful feeling deep inside while seeing a scenery of a sunset? There is nothing more to describe it, you just feel it. It comes from within and you are the only one who can feel it. Thrilling.

Being happy. For me, basically there is no secret to be happy. It's just about our mindset toward gratitude. That's when you have something bad, you can whine about it, you can scream it out, but you have to get over it too. Move on quickly and see the bright side of it. And being happy is easy, right? You can find it simply by reading your fave books, wearing comfy clothes or watching kids playing around.

These are things I enjoy the most #becauseitsme. And I'll be loving to get this Sony Vaio E14P in satin pink / rose pink, because they are way too sweet. Just to see them makes me happy :D. Vaio E14P presents distinctive wrap design and are available in a range of attractive colors to suit your personality. They also come with an aye-catching accent colour on the sides, keyboard and touch pad, and include a matching keyboard skin and mouse! Yay!

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*Pictures taken from my trip to Labuan Bajo

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