Mar 13, 2013

Benefit Bella Bamba

A blush is really a hero for typical Asian pale skin like mine. So I've been searching online what blush can really suit me. I want it to be pinkish and a little shimmery, then I found this famous Benefit blush: Bella Bamba. The package's too cute, right? 

I have a sensitive skin, so the option for me is: buying the travel size! I bought it online on Oh, I love travel size products, especially when you hesitate of buying something expensive and not sure about how the good the product on your skin. 

The first picture is taken from Benefit Cosmetic website. It comes smaller and without brush. You can see the actual color is exactly the same. Gorgeous pink it is :"). It really brighten my look without looking too much. Also it smells really good! Every time I take this blush, I'll take 2-3 seconds to smell the goodness in it :D

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